Our hotel offers several amenities. From morning to evening, you will find pleasure in enjoying our facilities.



Car changing station (free)

Our Car Charging Station is available free of charge for guests staying at our hotel. Come enjoy the beauty of our region and recharge your car while you are doing the same with your body and mind!

The beach (free access)

Come enjoy our beautiful front yard. The beach is located a few steps from our hotel and offers a wonderful playground for all ages.

Outdoor heated swimming pool (CLOSED)

You are not foolhardy enough to throw yourself into the sea. Look forward to our heated swimming pool (refreshing temperature) located a few meters from the beach. It will give you the impression of being the sea.

  • Monitoring at all times
  • Free access


Tennis / pickleball court

We are convinced that you all know tennis, but what is the 'Pickleball'? Mix tennis, racquetball, ping-pong and badminton and you get pickleball, a sport that is becoming more and more popular in Canada. Less demanding than tennis, this new sport allows those who may have less mobility to exercise themseft. 

  • Rackets and tennis ball rental (free)
  • Rackets and pikleball balls rental (free)


Tandam bike rental

A bike ride in the beautiful city of Carleton is good, but imagine yourself on one of our tandam bikes. We have a little challenge for you, try to go to the Mont Saint-Joseph observatory ...! Why not take a little challenge during your vacation.

  • Half day price: $ 13.04 + taxes
  • Full day price: $ 21.75 + taxes
  • Helmets included


Fire on the seashore 

Enough of monotonous evenings between the 4 walls of your hotel room. Come enjoy breathtaking views of the beautiful sunsets in Carleton-sur-Mer. In extra, a small extra warmth and the opportunity to discuss about your best adventures with travelers from all over the world.

  • Schedule: Every evening at sunset time 
Pool open June 24
The beach
Car charging point
Tennis Court
Tandem Bicycle rental
The beach

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